['Is Heaven for Real?' #LETSASKDIEGO]

Is heaven for real?

This question was answered in the movie our family was invited to watch in Newport Cinema, courtesy of PLDT HOME DSL

"Heaven Is For Real" is about Colton, the four-year-old son of Pastor Todd Burpo, who survived an emergency surgery of an infected appendix and later told his family that he went to Heaven. He described seeing Jesus, the angels, his miscarried sister & his great grandfather who died before he was born. Doubts were cast on his story, owing to the child's vivid imagination & his close association to his pastor-father. But in the end, his story was corroborated by another person, a girl, who had the same experience & even drew images of the things she saw when she went to heaven.
Like Colton Burpo, there's another boy who is at the center of his family's love & attention, Diego Ledesma. The bright, handsome & witty young boy was recently launched in a brand new PLDT HOME DSL tv commercial on Eat Bulaga.
The Ledesma family's claim to fame began when the seven-year-old boy Diego started an advice column on Facebook with the help of his parents, Paolo & Lara & his older sibling, Ate Trish. He earned tens of thousands of fans because of his answers to questions ranging on love, studies, bullying, vacation & even business ideas. His Facebook page is constantly monitored by his parents because values is of prime importance in the Ledesma household. Questions with offensive content are deleted first by his parents before Diego sees them. They even help him type out his answers or how to spell words. 

From their minds, Colton & Diego churn out stories which reflect their entertaining innocence & how they view the world. Likewise for their families, the BURPOS & the LEDESMAS are so tight-knit that they need to constantly connect with each other. And in this high-tech age wherein most, if not, all members of the family have their own internet-connected device, it is important to have a strong & reliable internet connection.

Here's where PLDT HOME DSL comes in. It provides "limitless sharing with the strong reliable family-sized connection". "Limitless Family Sharing" refers to the many activities the family can do together within the home, while "Family-sized connection" points to the simultaneous ONLINE use of multiple gadgets as powered by PLDT HOME DSL.  The group’s focus on family values and connection through limitless sharing truly spell the difference. The Anna Banana & Ask Diego campaigns have proven that. 
Now, to go back to the question, "Is heaven for real?", #letsaskdiego. :)

*Check out Ask Diego on facebook.com/Ask Diego.

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