[launch of BLUE WATER DAY SPA brand ambassadors & signature spa treatments]

Spa indulgence.

Such has been in my thought bubble these days. :)

Ever since I turned 50, those body aches & pains keep popping up rather frequently. It comes with age, they say. And it does not help that I have my hands full being a wife, mommy & daughter, maintaining two households while looking after my elderly mom on weekends. That is why, my body (& mind) cry out for a relaxing, stress-relieving spa treatment.

I have been to spas before, from the simple & affordable to the more elaborate & pricey ones. But there is one place I have heard of before but yet to try.

In their recent launch, Blue Water Day Spa's new celebrity brand ambassadors Michelle Marquez Dee, Harry Morris, Fabio Ide, Ariella Arida & Christian Bautista talked about how de-stressing & pampering spa sessions can do wonders to one's health & well-being. In fact, they each have their own favorite treatment.

For the youthful model, Michelle Marquez Dee, it's the Combo Herbal Massage, a "deep tissue massage that helps work out the tensions in the back & neck using a soothing blend of essential oils."

It's the Therapeutic Colonic Massage for singer-actor, Christian Bautista. He shares, "it makes you relax, it helps tone the body", and that "it  helps get rid of the blockages & impurities in your system" to make one feel instantly lighter & freer.

Ariella  'Ära' Arida, 2013 Miss Universe 3rd runner-up, goes for the Y Lift, a combination facial & skin treatment that ''helps to reduce the signs of skin-aging and gently 'lifts' the face for that youthful look. "

Blue Water Day Spa's Athlete Massage earns the thumbs-up by Harry Morris, a Philippine Volcanoes player, & Fabio Ide, a model-entrepreneur. According to these two active individuals & athletes, the said type of massage helps soothe the aches in their muscles. Morris notices that after training or a rough game, "recovery time gets cut in half", while Ide finds this massage "does incredibly well in making sure that you stay on top of your game & that you enjoy that range of motion painlessly."

So many treatment choices & a lot of branches to go to for you to experience that Blue Water Day Spa brand of ultimate pampering & rejuvenation.

And yes, I might try the combo herbal massage or the therapeutic colonic massage. Any day soon.

Just in time for the holidays.

For more info, visit www.bluewaterdayspa.com

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