[miss my yoga]

it's been 8 months since my last yoga session. you see, i cancelled my gym membership because i got sick last christmas and i felt it would only be a waste of money if i cannot hit the gym while i am sick but still pay for the monthly dues. now that i'm well again, i've been looking for venues that offer yoga sessions at a much lower, easy-on-the-pocket price. actually, i've seen one mini-gym near our home & they offer yoga on saturdays. but i have yet to try it. i've tried out their cardio-dance sessions & it's okay. what's good about this gym is that you only pay for the session you get to attend (@ php70/session), so at least you're free from anything that will tie you up but use less often.

a co-parent in school is now hatching the idea of getting a yoga instructor & hold classes at pinto gallery. looking forward to this one because the place is so conducive to yoga. i heard that pinto gallery is a nice place for dining, art-appreciation & meditation activities. for the meantime that the idea is merely that, an idea, i will just have to make do with storing my newly-bought yoga mat that i got from SM.

but i hope i can roll it out soon & kiss these darn excess pounds away...

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