[blogging again]

i had a previous blog in my friendster account. but since fb came to be & grew in huge proportions, i never got to update it. what made me do it again? reading "the family girl" by no less than my bestfriend, fleur! we  have always been similar in some ways but the common thing about us is our gift of gab (& ranting, whenever we're "inis" about someone or something!). i guess, blogging is one way of releasing feelings & at the same time, channelling our creative thoughts into paper, a more positive medium of expression.

anyways, this blog will touch more on subjects regarding architecture, green architecture, interior design & photography (a new thing for me, actually) interspersed with anecdotes from a stay-at-home slash architect mom on raising a tweener & a teener, living with a civil engineer husband & "what-have-you's" on family life.

hopefully, for the days ahead, this blog will become a regular reading fare for people who hold similar interests with me. ciao! =)

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