last sunday, after hearing mass at megamall & before having lunch, we passed by photoline at the 5/f.  my hubby was eyeing some DSLR cams. since i've been sweet-talking him for some time now to buy me one, he finally decided on getting one for me. the purchase? a NIKON D3000 18-55 VR kit! binilhan nya ako but not without saying na sya ang birthday celebrant na nagbibigay ng gift... ;)

my college buddies, RAL & LAMBERT & another family friend, MIMI are into photography. i never fail to browse thru their fotos posted on FB kse ang gaganda ng shots! talk about innate talent... =) so yung "inggit" ko ang nag-push sa akin to try photography. thanks to my loving hubby, i might venture soon  into a whole new career!

for the moment, i'm still tinkering with the cam. but definitely, i will post pics!

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