[driving with mama mary]

praying the rosary while driving can now be easy.

i chanced upon this audio cd by the aquino sisters' "PRAY THE MYSTERIES OF THE HOLY ROSARY" while i was in SM taytay.  i thought this would help me in praying while in transit. you see, much as i want to pray the rosary while inside the car, i cannot do it properly. the music coming from the radio (when i'm with my hubby) or little distractions, like thinking of my to-do list while driving, somehow get in the way.  so, i end up not finishing it at all. kaya, when i saw this cd, i thought it was "heaven-sent" and immediately bought it.

the pack contains 2 cd's with 2 mysteries/cd. the mysteries are recited by the aquino sisters themselves:  joyful mysteries (by viel aquino-dee), sorrowful mysteries (by ballsy aquino-cruz), glorious mysteries (by pinky aquino-abelleda) & luminous mysteries (by kris aquino-yap). each mystery is even accompanied by a theme song that helps in your reflection. plus if you buy it, part of the proceeds goes to the SAN  CARLOS SEMINARY.  retail price is PHP 250.00 & available at record bars.

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  1. Mama has one too!!

    When we went to Tagaytay to check out wedding sites of Toots and Elaine, she popped this sa cd player niya and we all prayed hehehe..

    Angel of God lang pinepray ko when we travel pero if you're riding sa car ni Mama, complete rosary dapat =)


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