[a quick trip to PINTO ART MUSEUM]

For the past weeks, my eldest has been very busy with schoolwork. Weekends have been spent at home without her, no thanks to pressing deadlines for her projects & rounds of examinations.:(  So, one weekend she was free, she asked me if we can go to an art exhibit together for she had to do an analysis as her assignment. Hey, it has been a while since our last mommy-daughter date, so I thought, why not? ;)

I suggested a local art museum to save us time & gas. I remembered there was one just a few minutes away from our house. Kirsten thought of the bigger museum in BGC but I told her to just check this out first. Lucky for us, there was an on-going exhibit when we got there.

PINTO ART MUSEUM, which is a much talked-about contemporary art space owned by art patron & neurologist, Dr. Joven Cuanang, sits on a sprawling hectare of land with lush gardens. Tucked somewhere in a hilly subdivision, this gallery stands at the entrance of the Silangan Gardens, the owner's weekend retreat.

Let me now take you on a vicarious trip inside & share with you the fun 'art-venture' we took one late Sunday morning. :)

A canopy of pink bougainvilleas greeted us as we passed through the main gate. It was such a pretty sight!

We entered through this decorative steel gate with bells in two sizes hanging above it.

The roof tiles & the blue wood plank door add character. This leads to the front office where you buy the tickets at Php 150.00/head. Students with ID's get it at a discounted price of Php 75.00/head while Senior Citizens, at Php 120.00/head.

When we reached the main grounds, we saw lots of wrought iron daybeds & table & chair sets. They really make for a relaxing conversation or quick naps in the garden.

Just nearby was a quaint chapel where many weddings must have taken place. :)

I love the rustic feel of the door! 

An exhibit was on-going at the time of our visit.

We discovered an artsy way of using plastic toys, chess pieces & rope.

Amused at how color-coordinated her romper was with the artwork on display, she had her photo taken here.

She captured a reflection of 'infinity'.

This handrail-less stairway leads to

an upper room exhibit area.

Overlooking, from the upper room.

Going back outside, Kirsten sat on one of those daybeds.

We saw art installations strewn all over the place. This pregnant woman looks kind of creepy for me though. :(

The cherub wall sconce has that old world charm.

We explored further down where these winding steps

led to more art installations

& another exhibit room

where select art pieces are permanently displayed. 

They have a ramp for PWD's.

The exhibit room has interior details that caught my eye.

The bamboo-slatted ceiling

& stair treads in rough-hewn stone finish.

Among those on display is this trademark 'bubble-wrap' artwork

by the artist-husband of a good friend. :)

The 'bubble-wrap' detail up-close.

These framed little girl frocks looked real.

A grouping of X-ray' religious icons are on display.

Some 3D art pieces are also showcased.

I like the 'invisible man' on a swing, 

 & a 'wired' couple.

Adjacent to the 'invisible man', is a window seat 

framed by live edge timber pieces.

Kirsten couldn't resist sitting on it & finding that perfect spot to get her picture taken. :) 

We reached the end of our viewing by lunch time. There was a cafe a few steps away from the gallery, so I told Kirsten that we get ourselves some light meals there.

Before reaching the dining room, there was another seating area & water feature, 

with an art piece 'framed' by columns placed nearby.

The female toilet has this sign. :)

We stepped inside the not-so-spacious Pinto Cafe,

which had framed artworks perched on top of narrow metal ledges,

tables with freshly-picked flowers,

vintage candelabras

floating flowers below the rusty drip chain,

& semi-alfresco dining area with arched openings.

From their menu, we ordered peach iced tea in a carafe,

Php 150.00/carafe

the truffle oil tagliatelle,

Php 355.00

& the 3-in-1 dessert sampler: cheesecake, banana brulee & a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Php 265.00

Cafe Pinto is owned & operated by BIZU Patisserie. The cafe is open only on weekends, 11am - 6pm.

From the cafe, we made our way 

back to the parking lot while passing through

the poolside area.

Finally, before leaving, Kirsten just had one more picture taken of her on the white wrought iron daybed. She loved the place. So did I! :)

   1 Sierra Madre St., 
   Grand Heights
   1870 Antipolo, Rizal

Photo credits:  KIRSTEN


  1. I've been reading a lot about Pinto Art Museum. Must plan a visit soon! Nice photos Peach :)

    1. nice place for photo shoots, too marsy! :)

  2. Beautiful museum. Amazing pieces of art. Thanks for this unique inspiration

  3. This is the second time I've seen someone blog about the place. I'm really intrigued. I really love the look of the place. Hope I get to take my family there soon.

    1. it would be worth the time & money to go there, janice! :)

  4. I saw this place being featured on tv. The place looks lovely. How was the food?

    1. The food was yummy though at fine dining price & serving portion.

  5. I saw this in Kris TV, I hope I can find time to visit this place. #anglayokasingantipolo

    1. but you can opt to go on a field trip if only to see the place. it would be a nice experience, michi. :)

  6. Such an interesting place to visit. My daughter loves to draw and doddle. I think visiting this museum would inspire her more.

    1. yes, it would get her creative juices going because of all the artworks on display. :)

  7. This looks like such an interesting place to visit. Will add this to my list. Thanks for sharing,

  8. Oh wow really interesting, an art museum and cafe too. This would a good place to bond with my kids.

    1. yup, i enjoyed spending time there with my eldest. :)

  9. Oooohhh I love the place it is so quaint, and it gives off a feel like you are in a summer house in Greece. Loved your post, makes me want to visit the place. :)

    1. yup, i love the architectural style & how they set up the place, too. :)

  10. Lots of lovely photos here! May bee soon we will get the chance to visit the place.

    1. que, get the chance to visit the place. :)

  11. Wow wow wow!!! I love the museum the art and the ohotos. It really makes me want to go here. Can you also post he direction goig there? Thanks

  12. Oooh... looks like an interesting place to visit.


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