[roses, balloons & a box of choco truffles for my girls]

This is a SUPER LATE post but I would just like to share what I gave my girls on Valentine's Day. :)

I wanted this year to be a little out-of-the-ordinary for my daughters, to let them know that they don't necessarily have to be in a relationship to feel special & loved on a day like this. At the moment, celebrating VDay with us will suffice, or until such time they find their 'true loves' & have families of their own, too. ;)

So what did I get them?

Well, these.

*A bunch of roses wrapped in Jill's fave color, blue.

I had this bouquet made in one of those small-scale flower shops dotting the side streets in town. I actually ordered two bunches of roses: in 5's for my mom & in 3's for Jillian. I didn't get one for Kirsten as she wasn't home then. I got them at a little expensive price but definitely still cheaper than those being sold in high-end malls & flower shops. But getting the same kind of pretty arrangement as those pricier ones, I think what I bought worked just as well. :)

*Half-a-dozen heart-shaped mylar balloons.

I have been eyeing these being peddled within the church grounds. I find them better & cuter than the usual rubber ones. So, that morning, I approached one 'manong' vendor & bought 6 of those heart-shaped balloons in different designs.

*Boxes of choco truffles by Ara.

I ordered 3 boxes of these yummy, bite-sized choco truffles from Jill's godmother who has a daughter-in-law who makes them.

So that's how Hearts Day went by for us, rather quietly, but not without leaving smiles on my girls' faces & 'thank you/s' for what they received. Just like how I wanted it to be... ;)  


  1. Wow mare, I like what you did. I'd like to do that with my daughter -- even for a long time :)

    1. Yes, marsy. Dapat di ma-feel left out or lonely pag walang ka-Balentyms. ;) That's what family is all about. :)

  2. Ang galing! I like the idea. How to celebrate Valentine's Day : Mother-Daughter version :)


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