[20 in 30]

I find house cleaning so tedious, especially when you've got no help around.  For more than a year, I had to struggle with this chore since tidying up rooms in a 3-level house everyday is NO joke! =(

Good thing, I found this great tip from APARTMENT THERAPY on cleaning the house for 20 minutes a day for 30 days. I have learned that concentrating on one area a day everyday for, say, a month, would ease up your cleaning chores a bit. If you are like me who wants things spic & span but gets overwhelmed by many things to do around the house, then this would be helpful.

What are your house cleaning techniques? Do you do it in a random scheme or is there a schedule that you also follow? Share yours. ;)


  1. I try to abide by the daily, weekly, and monthly schedules from Martha Stewart's cleaning checklist when appropriate. :) Take note, try lang ha. :P

    1. I hope I also can go beyond trying.;)


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