[cool shop windows]

Over the weekend, two stores with cool shop window displays caught my eye.

First off, TOPSHOP in Greenbelt 4, Makati.

The festive buntings remind me so much of what Mommy G of fortyweeks crafted. Add to that the oval-shaped multi-colored balloons that gave that young, hip look to the apparel on display.

The next one, the DOC MARTENS pop-up store at The Fort Strip in BGC. 

I like the clever re-use of the container van as a store for steel-toe shoes.

I've worked in site offices or seen houses made of container vans, so using them for retail outlets is expected but still such a good idea. Sustainability at its most practical.


  1. I love shop windows. I always look forward to Anthropologie's every time. They are fantastic. But since I'm too far away, I just rely on photos online. :)

    1. Ging, I would love to do shop window displays, if given the chance. ;)


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