[one Cafe France morning]

We had healthy omelettes at Cafe France SLEX branch last  Saturday on our way home after coming from my eldest's college dorm.

Hubby & I had the spicy sardines omelette while Kirsten had the spinach & mushroom omelette. The breakfast sets came with a coffee or juice.

Cafe France is a breakfast cafe we go to when we have the chance. I love the coziness of the place, the yummy food & their freshly-baked bread offerings. 

What's your go-to place to have your breakfast?


  1. Sigh... our go-to place for breakfast was Denny's / IHOP.

    But sadly, it doesn't exist here. Wouldn't it be super cool if someone gets a franchise of those two? Hahaha, I have a feeling I am going to gain a lot of weight then!

  2. I heard nga that IHOP is a good place for breakfast. Sana nga meron dito nyan, para matikman. ;)


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