[hydrangeas for the birthday lady]

It was a simple 75th birthday celebration for my mom. Months before, my sister & I already booked the party at Cafe Juanita of BOUGAINVILLE Resort. Coordination of party details was a breeze as they would quickly confirm all agreed items thru email. The final menu was selected from among six choices & the cost/head was affordable. There was not even a cover charge for the birthday cake! And I loved the set-up they did plus the food was above par in taste. 

Her guests on that day included her walking buddies & co-Mother Butler ladies.

The birthday lady
 hydrangea cupcakes by Sherene Marquez of Sweets Boxbirthday greeting banner by Crest Ad Specialist

posing with all her 7 grandchildren

Happy birthday Mommy/Lola Fering! 

We love you notwithstanding our seeming "imperfect" relationship. But we want you to know that you're greatly appreciated for all the things you have done for this family. We all hope to spend many more years with you. 

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  1. Awww. Ang sweet naman ng last photo na yan. :)


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