My girls get to see & bond with each other only during weekends when the eldest is home. Engaging in photo shoots is what they enjoy doing together.   

A recent photo concept they did was LEVITATION. I saw these in their files:

My eldest said she got the idea to come up with levitation photos thru blogger Natsumi Hayashi of YOWAYOWA CAMERA. Here are some of my favorite shots plucked out from the blog

with her pet cat, GURU
off her train seat
over grassy pathways
event backdrop
out of a train
household chores
How cool is that? ;)

*To levitate means to be suspended by a physical force against gravity, in a stable position without physical contact. 

*Yowayowa means "weak" or "feeble"


  1. My husband and tried doing levitation shots before, but it's not as easy as it looks! Hahaha. Awkward shots ang nangyari. :p

  2. Parang ang dali-dali nga nman and yet once you try it, hingal ka na sa kakatalon wala pdin maayos na kuha pag nagkataon :)


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