[my attempts at OOTDs]

Oh, I suck at OOTDs! ;)

My girls have taken photos of me for my supposed-to-be 'outfit posts' but I never got to publish them. Why? Because that inner voice points out so many reasons - body issues, not photogenic enough,  outfits not post-worthy, etc. 

Well, I have found a way to make it happen. They are actually half-OOTDs. I guess this suits me fine for now, until I get comfortable doing the full poses. :)

top: FOREVER 21;
pants:  UNIQLO;
shoes: FOLLIE

pants: UNIQLO;
shoes: S&H


  1. Loooove both of your half OOTD's, mommy Peach. Nakow, we have the same issues pala :) hihi. But up to now ni half OOTD hindi pa ako nakakapagpost :)

  2. em, di ko nman kse keri yung full OOTD... tried it lang for the experience kahit lower body shots llang. ;)

  3. hahaha I can so relate. that's why I only have 2 OOTDs so far. I get too conscious. Oh but you have a very good sense of style Peach! :)


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