[store finds : OUR ART tote bag]

I bought some tote bags to give away last Christmas. Like the silver one I got for my mom, this bag, when purchased, will also help a low-income community.

This attractive bag features paintings 'designed by senior citizens-retirees & sewn by women from underprivileged communities'. It is made of printed tarpaulin (front) & polycanvas (back & sides).

Marketed by Repurposed Manila, the OUR ART TOTES, have been doing the rounds in bazaars. But I bought this one in the Filipiniana section of The Landmark, Makati. Price per piece is a couple of hundred pesos.

You can choose from various designs in their collection. I got 5, one of which is the one shown here.

Buy one now so you can help others, too.  


  1. Cool! Ang ganda!! lalo na yung bag that you gave your mom last Christmas :)

  2. Lovely bag! My mom got similar bag when she shopped a dress from a local store. Now I use this bag for shopping and carrying lightweight stuff.

    1. hi! i wish i also bought one for myself. the last time i went to the store, they have run out of this ecobag.


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