[the perfect oatmeal at STARBUCKS]

It was another random date with the hubby when we went down south to bring some clothes to my eldest last Saturday.

While at SLEX, we dropped by Starbucks. I ordered a cup of coffee for him, a cup of mint tea for me plus this.

Priced at Php 85.00/cup

It's called the perfect oatmeal. 

It's a cup of whole grain oatmeal steeped  in hot water, topped with assorted dried fruits & sweetened with a good serving of agave syrup. 

It was so deliciously filling, reminded me of the one I had in a juice bar in BHS Central, only that one came with a sprinkling of muscovado sugar.

A must-try for those who frequent Starbucks. 

Only Php 85.00 for a cup.:)

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