[the FANGIRL & the BRIDE]

For the longest time, Kirsten has been 'fangirling' over CHRIS TIU. Obviously, my attraction to 'chinitos' has rubbed off on her. ;)

She would gush, swoon & at times shriek whenever she sees him on tv & print media. When she does these things on occasions, I let her be. But her father, the stricter one, would call her attention & shush her up. ;)

Recently, she got wind of the news that Chris got hitched to her long-time girlfriend.

Oh, that left her somewhat 'heartbroken'...     

A few days after the news broke out, a college professor who knows about her crush on Chris posted a photo on her FB wall & pointed out Kirsten's uncanny resemblance to the bride. 

Just look at the bride

& the fangirl.

I kidded her that if fate had played favorably on her side & Chris Tiu saw or met her some time before his marriage, she stood a good chance. Maybe? ;)

What do you think? ;)

***credits for Chris Tiu photos: Google


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