[my food version: Jamba Juice's steel cut oatmeal & spinach cheese wrap]

Jamba Juice in BHS Central has become a favorite food stop for us ever since we tried out the place a couple of months ago. We keep coming back for more of their yummy smoothies, wraps, oatmeal or fruit & yogurt parfaits.

So far, we've tried (& loved) their smoothies (banana berry, razzmatazz, strawberries wild), spinach cheese wrap, smokehouse chicken flatbread, steel cut oatmeal & organic granola parfait.

By next week, my girls, who will both be home for their Christmas break, will surely be rummaging through our refrigerator for something to munch on. Since it was so easy to replicate JJ's spinach wrap & oatmeal concoction, I thought of doing a little experiment in the kitchen. It was  a hit, the taste was so close to the real ones, that these are what they will have for either their breakfast or snacks. =)

What I did:

fruit & sugar-topped oatmeal

  1. Cook oatmeal or just add hot water if it's the "instant" kind. Take your pick, oat bran or rolled oats.
  2. When ready, top the cooked oatmeal with banana slices or any preferred fruit.
  3. Sprinkle with muscovado sugar.
  4. Keep it plain or add soymilk, non-fat or skim milk.

spinach & mozzarella-filled whole wheat sandwich

  1. Take 2 slices of whole wheat bread.
  2. In between the 2 slices of bread, layer 3-4 spinach leaves or more (well-rinsed & organic if available), drizzle with olive oil & top with slices of mozzarella cheese. I used the cheese I bought in UPLB.
  3. Heat in a toaster, on a stove-top grille or in a sandwich maker like what I did. I think using the latter is better because it seals in the flavors of the filling.
Make your own. Tweak the ingredients if you like but make sure to choose healthy substitutes. ;)

*Visit JAMBA JUICE at the BHS Central. Enjoy all the healthy eats & don't leave without having your pictures taken at their in-store photo-booth.

Like what the sisterakas did... ;)


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