[SOY healthy]

After doing the groceries, I rewarded myself with a light & healthy lunch.

This is where I dined the other day. I love the green & natural wood schemes they used for this compact dining space at SM. Refreshing! ;)

It was my third time to be here. Their healthy meal offerings are too hard to resist especially since I am now watching what I eat.

My lunch consisted of a cup of pandan soya milk tea & a solo platter of chicken quesadilla.

The chilled milk tea, though less creamy, is delicious with the chewy pearl add-ons. 

The warm chicken quesadilla, topped with tomato, onion & bell pepper bits & smothered with a generous amount of sour cream sauce, is to-die-for! ;)

With this food & the mall's free wifi perk, dining alone can still be such a pleasure... ;)

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