[mommy maggie & her cake pops]

Her blog postings of her cake pops got me all curious & craving for them. I thought they were too delectable to pass up.

So, I ordered 3 boxes for my youngest daughter's potluck share in her school's Christmas party. Maggie & I agreed to meet up & do lunch a day or 2 before the party.

After numerous text messages, we finally saw each other today at Sbarro, Megamall.

From the Kultura store just across the restaurant, I  went inside Sbarro & saw her waiting for me with the cake pops boxes with her.  We ordered pizza & pasta. No pictures were taken of us nor of Sbarro as we were too caught up in our 'chikahan'. We let each other in on our individual lives by talking about our families. One thing we had in common - we both lived in Sampaloc some years back.

It was a fun, albeit short lunch meet-up. An upcoming get-together with other mommy blogger friends is in the works. Can't afford to miss this one. ;)

Here are the cake pops & cake balls that Mommy Maggie made. 

For orders, I guess you can just drop a comment on her blog.

Thanks again, Maggie! :)


  1. So cool that you and Maggie got to meet! Her cake pops are delish! Hope to get to meet you soon Peachy!

    1. Same here, Aimee! I really need to meet you para mapag usapan natin ang weight loss tips mo... :D


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