[apron strings or hard hat?]

Which will it be -

apron strings
or hard-hat?


This has been running through my head ever since I received Wednesday of last week a text message from a former senior colleague. He is back in the company where I was last connected with. He asked me if I am presently employed. I told him "no" & then he hinted at a possible re-hiring. Another former boss who is now with another property developer wanted me to apply in N a couple of years back but I declined. I recently asked (thru a friend) if I can now take up that offer he gave me before. He said I can.

Honestly, the thought of going back to work is enticing at the moment. On days that I feel I am all-cooped up at home, doing the chores, looking after the needs of husband & the girls, etc., I have this silent wish of working & wracking my brains again as an architect. Aside from these concerns, it doesn't help that others think my professional license has not been put to good use since that day I decided to be a SAHM. =(

What will REALLY make me decide to go back to work?

If I work :

PLUS factors
  • Additional income = Savings = Investments for the family
  • I will do architectural work
  • I will get to meet & hobnob with design & construction people  
MINUS factors
  • Stressful work environment
  • Less bonding time with the girls
  • I will get all cranky at times when work load gets too heavy
  • I will be coming home late (when overtime work necessitates) & leave the house early to be in the office on time.
  • 6 days work in a week
From the lists above, it is so obvious that life will be financially better though complicated for me & my family if I get myself employed again. Others have advised me to go the WAHM route or be an entrepreneur. Until such time that I can have the skills of a WAHM or the savviness of an entrepreneur, I will continue to be torn between choosing to remain a full-time mom or work as an architect again.

What do you think?

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