[the once-chubby girl turns 18]

I had this girl in my late 20's. She was one big baby for her petite mom to carry.

just a little over a year old,
when sporting a pout in pictures
was still unheard of then

I remember how I used to bring her to the construction site, my then place of work, because I had no yaya to look after her at home. I arrived at the office late almost everyday because I had to prepare her things & fix the house first. It was so difficult that I wanted so much to resign. The tardiness & the baby I had in tow prompted me to give up my job. But my understanding boss would not hear of it. He wanted to keep me in his staff so he sort of got lenient with me. But, of course, I more than made up for it. I worked hard & performed what was expected of me. There was really no stopping the workaholic in me! ;) 

After my stint at the Pioneer Highlands project, I went full-time with mommy duties. I took care of Kirsten & was able to see her grow up into the fine, young lady that she is today. 

a random shot of her taken after her
simple birthday lunch celebration
with family


You have been such a blessing to us all these years. We appreciate your efforts in becoming the best person that you can be, not because it is what we, your parents, want but because it is really what you yearn for yourself. Like I always tell you - harness your God-given talents to become a person for others. When you become successful later in your life, I hope you don't forget to look back & pay forward.

Keep on reaching for your star & always with your kind heart with you.

Your family loves you to the moon & back...


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    1. Pati sa comment, kwela pa rin! :D

      Di ko ma -gets yung familia Zaragoza. Ginoogle ko pa. Tele serye pala yun dati. Hahaha!

  2. What a touching post! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

    1. Thanks, Aimee! Nag emote na naman ang nanay...;)

  3. Happy birthday! Congrats for raising a wonderful girl!

    1. Still a work-in-progress ang mga girls ko. So far, ok naman sila because I try my darn best as a nanay to teenagers.

      Thanks Dew for dropping by...;)

  4. happy birthday to your beautiful 18-year-old. you have come a long way in raising your daughter peachy. kudos!

    1. You too can do that to Lia. She's got one loving mom, too! ;)

  5. Such a heart warming post, Peachy.
    Again happy birthday to your mini me. May you guys continue to be a blessing to others.


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