[our B&W kitchen]

This is our main kitchen. 

To have that modern peg carried over from our living room, I went for the black & white scheme plus wood & stainless steel.

Here are the things we did for this kitchen :

*I used glass mosaic tiles for the back splash because I liked a play of patterns. Since a solid black granite top would have that clean, sleek look always, I chose black & white to match it.

I looked into several home depots around the Metro until the tile hunt ended at Wilcon Depot, Libis.

Wilcon is a go-to place for designers, builders & homeowners. This store carries a wide range of brands & designs of architectural finishes to choose from. For the mosaic tiles, I went for PICASSO.

*We installed a stainless steel backsplash for the stove for effortless cleaning & to go with the finish of the hob & range hood (LA GERMANIA).

*We commissioned our reliable finish carpenter to do the kitchen cabinets instead of getting from kitchen cabinet system suppliers/installers. It would cost us an arm & a leg to get the latter.=( For the cabinet door handles, we got them from Hongkong Hardware at their Shangrila Plaza mall branch. And the see-thru panels? We opted for frosted or textured acrylic ones in lieu of frosted glass. Same look. ;)

*I displayed the kitchen tools by hooking them up in a stainless steel curtain rod.

*The twin-tub kitchen sink (KOHLER) is in stainless steel brushed finish. The dish drainer & liquid soap dispenser came free with the sink.;)

*The gooseneck-type faucet goes well with the kitchen sink, so it was what we bought. I would have gotten the chef's tap, the one with the flexible hose & spray nozzle but then, it's more expensive. We bought all our faucets from the HOME STORE branch in MC Home Depot BGC located at the back of Starbucks.

So far, our kitchen is still in good condition save for the granite counter top since there are already some stain marks on them.

The supplier's technical rep who inspected it told me that we have to install a new one because the stains can no longer be removed. =( Is this for real? Does anybody know if the stains are really irreversible? If I take the guy's word for it, then this will now be added to our things-to-do-around-the-house list. The financier & the pointman has already been alerted!;)


  1. Yikes. Where is your granite made? Usually, the China ones stain. Opt for India ones. They're more expensive, but in the long run, they last longer without stains. They have nicer stones too.

    1. Ging, we were working on a strict budget. :( I will ask hubby to look for the India ones.
      Thanks for the tip! :)

  2. I'm so jealous of your kitchen! Ours is too small and cramped. :(

    1. You can still work out a compact kitchen with nice finishes, Dew! ;)

  3. Nice kitchen. I was having a difficult time choosing between mosaic and colored glass backsplash when I stumbled upon your blog. I think I'll go with mosaic. We're planning to install black kitchen cabinets with white countertop. I hope the finish product will be as beautiful as your kitchen.

    1. yes, go for the mosaic tiles, more expensive but easy to install & maintain. :)

      thanks for the compliment!


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