[hearty snacks]

I recently discovered 3 hearty food items to snack on:

PRINGLES multi-grain variant in classic & sour cream & onion flavors.

I am glad that I can now enjoy my favorite potato crisps with less calories. It has the look & taste of tortillas but yummier.  Despite being multi-grain, I think I will go easy on this as it is still junk food. 

DEL MONTE FRUIT SNACKS in pine-orange & tropical mix flavors.


Get your daily fruit fix anywhere you go because the fruit cocktail is now in convenient stand-up pouches or doy packs. 

LIVE YOGHURT in mango-sago, almond-lychee & strawberry flavors.

I love eating flavored yogurts & I am happy to discover another one to enjoy. I have already tried the mango-sago.  Delicious with the right amount of tartness.  You also get the same health benefits at less the price compared to the more popular brand.

Try them!

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