[DIY origami envelopes]

Getting into the holiday rush to buy gifts is no longer my thing. Not that I'm a grinch but since I stopped working & became a busy SAHM, giving money to relatives has been more practical & it gave the recipients the leeway to buy what they want. No more 'unwanted' gifts.

I ran out of those red Chinese envelopes (ang pao) so I thought of making my own. I remembered I bought a pack of origami paper from Fully-Booked & decided to use them. Then I looked for online tutorials on how to make origami envelopes. I chose this easy one from Martha Stewart Living.

Here's the fun way to make them :

1. Grab the materials you'll need. You can use any square-cut paper, pair of craft scissors or sticker that you want. Be creative, the choices for your materials are endless .

2. Follow the steps as shown.

Here are just 4 of the envelopes I made with the help of the husband. ;)

The rest, all ready to be given away. =)


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    1. Last-minute option. Good thing I had the origami papers. ;)


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