[oh, Christmas trees!]

What's up with your Christmas tree? ;)

Holiday decorating & tree trimming are my most loved things to do. When the -ber months set in, I would get busy surfing DIY, interior design & home decorating websites or browsing around home section/store displays for inspirations. 

If you've been following this blog - silently or otherwise ;)- you've probably seen how my white tree evolved from having gold & silver ornaments with black touches to its most recent scheme - with birds & snowflakes.

For this post, I have asked a good number of my relatives, friends & former classmates/schoolmates to let me showcase their dressed-up trees which they have lovingly & creatively put up in their homes. 

So, here's the round-up :

VIVIEN's : blue & gold

MERLY's : light blue, gold & silver

MARINEL's : red, gold & silver with Mickey Mouse ears, gingerbread men & stuffed toys

CES' : multi-colored baubles & poinsettias with LED light tubes

EM's : DIY ornaments & stuffed toys

MINNIE's :  purple with a stuffed angel topper

IRENE's : white & silver

MEILANI's : blue & silver

GAIL's : pink & silver 

BELLE's : multi-colored baubles with cascading pink ribbon

BELLE's : eclectic/multi-colored baubles

TITA LITZ's : red & gold

TATI's : wall-hung wired tree with PASKO (Christmas) letters

How about you, how did you spruce up your homes for the holidays? 


  1. Wow! So many beautiful Christmas Trees and homes, too. Parang bigla akong nahiya. hehe. I am honored to be part of those you featured here, Peachy!
    Have a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year to you and your family :)

    1. Worth featuring, Em because of the ornaments. Kakaiba! ;)

      Merry Christmas to you, too! :)

  2. Hi Peachy,

    Gaganda naman ng mga trees! I enjoyed looking at all of them.

    I am so honored to be featured in your blog. Thank you for including my Christmas tree.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    Warm Wishes,


    1. It's my pleasure, Merly. ;) Thanks too for allowing me to feature your tree.

      Happy holidays!

  3. I love all the christmas trees!!! They are all ohhh sooo beautiful !!!!! Thank you for featuring
    Our family xmas tree!!! I especially love seeing our igorot santa all dolled up in its victoria secret's santa outfit!!
    Igorot santa rocks!! Our xmas tree motif has grown with our kids thru the years!! Love love christmas!!!!
    Many xmas blessings to all of our families!!! Mwaaahhh!!!

    1. Thanks, Belle! We will miss you in our get-together on Wednesday...


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