[TACLINGS, anyone?]

A gourmet fair was on-going that day we were in M!2. While waiting for their daddy, my girls asked for  something light to eat.

We passed by  a line of tables selling sweet pastries. Because we wanted no sugar rush, we looked further & chanced upon these crunchy taco bites called 'taclings'. 

It comes in 2 variants & you can buy them in 12's or 6's. They are also placed in cardboard egg trays when sold. Ingenious! ;)

We bought one dozen of them placed in malunggay taco shells. It is filled with meat bits (either beef or tuna mushroom), smothered with creamy garlic sauce & topped with diced tomatoes, onions & bell pepper.  You can also have them drizzled with tabasco sauce if you prefer it with a kick.

We washed down the taco bites with a cup of raspberry iced tea sold by another vendor nearby.

Another yummy food find!

Get to know more about the TACLINGS here.

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