During our Baguio trip last December, we went to this row of retail stores inside CJH. I saw this  pair of ballet flats. Took a fancy buying it but held off at the last minute. We went home and forgot all about it.

The next day, we found ourselves going back to CJH. I did not know that my hubby knew I wanted to buy the shoes. So, when we were in that store again, he blurted out, "You go buy those Storybird shoes that you want." Puzzled at what he said, I asked my girls about it. They both smiled and then told me, "Mommy, Daddy meant the Tory Burch shoes!"  That remark from their dad kept the three of us in stitches... =D

So, here's what I got for myself - the Tory Burch pair aka the Storybird! ;)


  1. Love your "storybird" shoes. hehe. Where in CJH do they sell Tory Burch? I will so scour the place the next time I head back.

    1. Mile hi center. Forgot the name of the store.

  2. waaah! Super benta ang post na to :)


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