[the MOMMY BLOGGER friends I make - Aimee, Ging & Marsy]

Who says you cannot meet nice people online and feel like they have been your long-time friends? Well, despite the misgivings, I still did. ;)

It started with a single comment on a blog entry from each of them. Unlike my best friend's popular blog, mommyfleur, mine is simply read through. So when these ladies' comments came in on an almost regular (but not daily) basis, I started to follow their blogs  & dropped a word or two.

I haven't met them personally but the exchange of pleasantries online somehow paved the way for our budding "friendships".

Here are the 3 mommy bloggers I've met & made friends with & the things I love about their blogs:

*Aimee Diego of iamaimeediego

Her simple, well-written entries are what attracted me to her blog. And I envy her writing style.;) Churning out run-of-the-mill sentences is not her thing for her stories are told in a rather descriptive fashion. She writes on almost anything of interest to her. I especially like her features on the handmade dolls, the paper mache horses & other creative projects by local artisans. Aside from posts on food, good reads, weekend getaways, you are also let in on her life with her hubby & toddler-daughter, TALA.

*Ging Domingo-Santos of fortyweeks

I totally love her blog look & her artsy-craftsy Martha Stewart posts. An architect like me & a college mate (something which I just recently discovered), she's also into interiors & DIY projects. You will likewise get to travel with her vicariously through her vacation posts. Of course, like all mommy bloggers, there will be snippets of stories about her family, especially her baby ALLIE, which she shares with her readers.

*Mars Ardeza-Ilagan of planetmarsy

Her blog chronicles her life as a young wife & mom. I love her anecdotes about her cutie patootie of a daughter, 1 year old LIA. Her travel tips to places she had been to are also helpful. As a whole, her candid but well-expressed way of telling stories is what keeps me coming back to her blog.

Discover & enjoy reading their blogs, too. Just click on the links.


  1. Awww, Peachy. You're the sweetest. :)

  2. OMG! I am so touched Peachy! I never really thought some people would be interested in reading my super babaw entries :) Sorry, I still owe you a lot. I need to do a lot of back reading. Super busy recently :( And I haven't joined your FB page yet. Oh men :(

  3. Thanks so much for the mention Peachy! I appreciate the kind words! :)


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