[back to school roots]

Two years back, reunions with college and high school/grade school classmates were aplenty. I was busy either organizing or just coordinating with the people concerned. I love reunions but I know of some people who stay away from occasions like these. They say they feel insecure meeting up with former classmates because they feel their current state of economic or personal lives would be a big deal to the others. I don't think such things matter. Reunions are happy events. Reconnecting with former classmates makes you feel young again. It's lots of fun to reminisce the naughty antics you did back in school or hear the funny anecdotes about your former teachers or classmates. For me, the good memories with them outshine the bad ones. Going back to your roots somehow humbles you and also makes you remember how you became a part of their past and that hopefully will continue to be in their present lives, as well.  

Here are the pictures that tell a thousand stories...

NS grade school & high school classmates

UP ARKI classmates

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