[shooting STAR]

He has always been my celebrity crush. I always tell my hubby & the girls of my wish to see him in the flesh before I turn old & grey. Who would have thought that wishes still do come true & I got mine today! ;)

My sister & I went to this Korean store to buy those famous ice cream bars. After paying for our purchases, we walked on over to Jollibee, right across the street. We saw some film crew members putting up their equipment. Thinking that they were taping a widely-watched local drama series, we excitedly asked the guard what the fuzz was about. With a smile, he said, "Meron pong shooting sina Aga Muhlach at Regine Velasquez!". After hearing that, we took a hurried lunch and left the place to fetch my youngest in school. After dropping her off at our house, I lugged my camera & returned to where I could finally see the crush of my teen years! ;)

Never thought celebrity crush-watching can get one all crazy & giddy. We waited out the arrival of  Aga over criss-cut fries, coffee & choco floats.

When he finally showed up, we went nearer the coffee shop, though just outside, armed with my reliable dslr. I took these shots from afar, capturing just glimpses of him.

Kibitzers abound.

And, oh so lucky me! His SAVANNA Explorer parked beside my car. ;)

Leading lady Regine walking to nearby Sega Cofi with Direk Joyce.

The shooting went well & most of the film crew members were friendly, even accommodating people, my sister & I in particular, to get head shots of Aga. They went as far as allowing us to get inside the coffee shop.

Can't thank my lucky stars enough for this chance to get almost up-close & personal with Aga Muhlach. ;)

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