[relentless rains]

The rains have been relentless the past week. Dark and gloomy skies were all we ever had, the sun's brilliance was hardly felt.

This is what it looked like around our place yesterday.

We are so lucky and blessed that we are high up in the mountains so flooding is not a concern. But my hubby and I saw the inundated streets when we went to WILCON depot yesterday. Sometimes, we really have to get out of our comfort zones and houses literally to see and empathize with those affected by all these. 

From the news, we learned that thousands of people were either trapped in their homes, 

were found and rescued by good samaritans, 

or are now temporarily sheltered in evacuation centers.

And because the weather is already erratic due to global warming/climate change, it is best to be prepared during calamities and equip ourselves with our own flood survival kits. Get these guidelines.

If you want to donate or lend a helping hand as a volunteer, go here.

Prayers also help. Let us offer them now.

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