[stumbled upon STUMBLE UPON]

Make it easy for you to look for websites that match your interests. Get into StumbleUpon.

I was checking my blog stats one morning & I saw StumbleUpon.com listed among the traffic sources. I followed the link & found myself joining in. 

Once you get in, you will be connected to various websites that fit your pursuits. No more 'hits or misses' because when you click the STUMBLE button at the upper left corner, a website will automatically open for you to skim through. Some of the websites I have already discovered & liked :

Sign up now & enjoy exploring the net for sites that will eventually become daily reads for you.


  1. I was addicted to StumbleUpon before. Grabe. Hehe. It will entertain you for hours!
    I love foodgawker. I have some of my stuff in there. http://foodgawker.com/post/archive/mommyg/
    Also check out craftgawker and dwellinggawker. You'll love them.

  2. you're in foodgawker? i will go check your account, ging. =)

    yup, addicting siya kasi dami palang websites to look into. ;)


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