Tired of the usual ice cream in a cone? Well, here's a novel way of eating the cold treat-in a wafer roll at only Php 25 a piece!

We discovered KOOLSTIX in SM Taytay when Jill asked me to buy her one. Since I wanted to try it too, I bought 2 capuccino ice cream in dark chocolate & original flavored wafer rolls topped with candy sprinkles & chocolate syrup.

Felt like a kid again after tasting it. ;) I liked the combined flavors of capuccino & dark chocolate.

Because of its simple ingredients, I think one can DIY this at home by using STIK-O's (or the street-hawked, biggie barquillos) with any coffee-flavored ice cream &  with the topping of your choice. Just squeeze in the ice cream using a pastry tube or a plastic condiment dispenser.

What do you think? ;)

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