[window dressing]

Holiday season will be here soon & I am getting ready to dress up our windows. I have a reliable "mananahi" of my Roman shades & curtains. After she got all the measurements needed to come up with a new set for our house, I hied off to Divisoria the next day with my daughter, mom, sister & brother-in-law to buy the materials.

We took the car this time  because we anticipated the difficulty of lugging our purchases if we took the LRT.

Arriving at Divisoria a little before 12 noon after hurdling the horrendous traffic, we had lunch first at the food court of Tutuban Center Mall. After which, in less than 2 hours, we were able to buy everything in FUEGO.

On our way back, I took the chance to IG some architectural landmarks.

At home, a sneak peek of what I bought, all 4 bags full.

I loved what I got from that store. All excited to put them up soon!

**As you can see, my purchases came in plastic bags. I hope Manila will also take the no-plastic-bag rule seriously & implement this in the city. The stench & garbage problem, especially in Divisoria, is no laughing matter. People troop to this shopping haven almost everyday & with the holiday season, more are expected. It's about time, somebody REALLY address this concern. Just my two-cents worth...

**FUEGO UNITED SALES, INC. - CM Recto Ave., Tondo Manila, walking distance from Tutuban Center Mall

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