[the SUDOKU junkie i love]

When I received these last VDay, I got all giddy inside. 

Who wouldn't be? The giver is not the most romantic person  I know. He is a man of few words who would scoff at hints of romance & men who show so much attachment to their lady loves. But I guess, he has lighten up a bit over time. So when he gave me the 'blooms & the apple', I had a full smile on. But not for long.  Little did I know that the tablet was not going to be for my sole use but his, as well, at least for the games he could play on it. SUDOKU is one of them.

When he gets home from work or when we go out & I happen to have the iPad with me, he would always play this number logic game. In no time, he would finish multiple grids & end up with a high score. So far, nobody has beat him, not even Jill, the 'gamer' between our girls.

A one-time collegiate volleyball player, hubby is good at any sport he gets into. Volleyball, basketball, badminton, golf - you name it, he knows his game. Add to that, he likes solving puzzles, crosswords & the like, so it didn't surprise me at all that he would be all hooked up with Sudoku.

This is how intense & concentrated he is while playing.

Even though his playing has been taking away my blogging & net surfing time every time he borrows the gadget,  this is one 'addiction' of his that I don't mind tolerating. Because inside the Sudoku junkie is  the man I am married to & loving unconditionally for the last 18 years. What can be more swell than that? ;)

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