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I must admit. I am no green thumb. When we did the landscape of our front yard, the plants I picked were just those green blade-like ones, horse tails & bamboo trees. Very  Japanese. No blooms, no frills.

Three years later, as expected, I have bought 2 sets of horsetails because the original batch had to be replaced since they just dried up & withered away. And the bamboo trees? Well, they have grown not as healthy as before, so I am planning to have someone replant them somewhere else. =(

Two weeks ago, I bought these three orchids & placed them in our balcony. The minute I saw how pretty they look arranged in-a-row, I got smitten. ;)

From then on, they have been watered, moved to safety when the gusty winds & rains come (so afraid that the fragile flowers would fall off) & checked on everyday.

Clueless on how to take care of orchids, I looked for video tutorials on orchid care & found some valuable tips from GROWING WISDOM via YouTube:

How to water orchids

Getting orchids to rebloom

**Please share more tips on orchid care. I would love to hear from you & learn. =)

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