Label-making on textbooks & notebooks has never been this fun, for my youngest, at least. ;) Two months before school started this year, she asked me to buy this gadget because she didn't want those sticker labels anymore. 

When I saw it, I remembered we had one during my school days so many eons ago. So this makes it sort of a vintage gadget. Retro mode. ;)

I actually preferred the model that had 3 types of fonts, one of them the cursive. But since it was more pricey & Jill wanted a simpler font, we got the first one she chose.

These are the labels she came up with.

One's spelling skills & strong grip would be put to good use when you make a label. I made one for myself.

 It was a breeze! :)

***National Bookstore (all branches)


  1. Heehee, I love Dymo. My sister has this one too, with the different plates, and cute pastel cartridges. :) So old school!
    What I have naman is the print-type one.

  2. Wee! Buying one tonight na mare. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Waah! Apir! :)
    Napuyat kami kaka-Dymo last Monday night because it was always sold out sa National.
    Hay.. now I know the feeling bkit Dymo happy si Khan. Na-addict ndin kasi ako :)

    1. di ba ang saya? lalo na kung maganda ang pagkagawa mo. ;)

  4. Parang uso na naman si Dymo :) May I know how much each cost? I want to buy kahit wala akong paggagamitan haha


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