It was Father's Day yesterday. The malls were jampacked, so understandably, parking spaces were hard to come by. Restaurants teemed with families who went out to celebrate the occasion. We were among them.

After not getting past the long queue of vehicles in all of Megamall's parking structures, hubby decided to go all the way to Trinoma & try our luck. Fortunately, parking wasn't much of a concern there so we went in. 

Lunch for a party of 7 was at Ristorante Bigoli.


We had Arrosto di Manzo, Pepperoni Stromboli or rolled pizza, Ravioli di Liguria, Chicken Pasta Salad, Italian Chicken with Spaghetti Marinara  & the Romano's Solo Plate Pizza. The food was good. A 'must-try' place, definitely! ;)

We left Trinoma after not finding a nice cafe to stay in that was not crowded. We tried another mall, Robinson's Magnolia, but like Megamall, getting that parking space took a long wait. So off to Powerplant Mall we went &  found ourselves having coffee at Crepes & Cream.


The girls tried (& liked) the bottled milk tea, SCHLURP.

Jill had the Banana Cream Pie.

It was one of the yummy sweet crepes that we had, the other two being Mango Mania (shared with my mom & sister; another one for my niece) & Plain Jane for Kirsten.

Hubby & I shared a Banana Split ice cream.  

After spending an hour there, we headed for home  to catch the 6:30 pm Sunday mass.

Simple celebrations deserve sweet endings. And that's how it went for us yesterday with the family. =)

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