[chanelling JLo]

Remember the outfit that Kirsten wore in her friend's debut party?

Well, here's the celebrity version of it, worn by JLo at an event last June 20 when she received the 2,500th star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


It was a Christian Dior number - an off-white cashmere knitted top with a coral satin ballgown skirt that had an uneven hemline, with the short front showing her feet clad in black ankle-strapped heels.

JLo earned praises for her outfit. My daughter too had her fair share. ;) This only proves that you can never go wrong with simple clean lines. Understated elegance is still the way to go, even in formal parties or events.


  1. naks! ibang level si kirsten :) kelangan ko ng ganyang waistline!!!!

    1. ganyan naman waistlines natin nun -- pre-mommy days. ;)


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