I enjoy grocery shopping because it is sort of therapeutic going through the aisles & picking your purchases as well as discovering new food finds. 

Like these two.

I got to taste them yesterday. The (baked not fried) cheese-flavored crackers are yummy with the right amount of saltiness. One small pack is not enough, you reach for another because it is that good. ;)

However, for the custard cream puffs, I almost did not finish one pack. They are actually bite-sized ones, more or less, 10 pieces. But the sweetness, although not that overwhelming, makes you stop immediately. It ends the craving. =( Probably, I don't have that much of a  sweet-tooth. But still worth the try, especially if cream puffs are your faves. ;)

*MAGIC CHIPS (in cheese & bbq flavors): Php 6.00
*MONDE SPECIAL CREAM PUFFS (in custard & choco flavors): Php 10.25


  1. We really have opposite taste buds haha It started with J. Co and this time with Monde's cream puffs. I love this cream puffs and I consider it as my cheap and regular snack at the workplace.

    By the way, I'm reading your series of Singapore posts. Is it your daughter who captured all the pics? I love it! She has superb photography skills. The photos can make it to a magazine spread.

    1. Thanks again, Diane! Photography is a reqd subject in school which she took last sem. ;) Both my girls actually have the eye. :)


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