[made their momma proud]

For this post, please indulge me with some mommy brag time. ;)

Over the weekend, my daughters each had an event to go to.

My eldest attended her blockmate's debut party at the St. Francis Shangrila Place. Here is how she looked  that night, all dolled-up.

photo credit: Christer de Silva

Her OOTN credits go to her mom/wannabe stylist.;) Preps for this outfit were done with the help of my sister, Pinky.

Top : F&H black crewneck t-shirt
Skirt : a fuschia pink number done by a neighborhood seamstress
Strappies : stylist's own ;)
Beaded bib necklace : G/F M!2

That same night, My youngest and 3 of her friends participated in their school's variety/talent show, FLARE. So proud that she is slowly coming out of her shell. ;) 

photo credit: Izzy Paterno

Hubby & I didn't get to see her perform as we stayed in Shangrila Plaza & waited for our eldest to finish her party.

Never complained about the waiting though since that night ended as a date with the hubby.

We had dinner at Secret Recipe,

crispy chicken salad & grilled black pepper chicken with watermelon juice & hot tea

after watching Bradley Cooper & JLaw's (short for Jennifer Lawrence) SILVER LININGS movie.

Good food. Good movie. And a fun night for my two girls. ;)


  1. awesome job with the styling! :-)

  2. Your baby girls are sooo dalaga na, mommy Peach!

  3. I love the pink dress! Hey, if you come here in LB we should meet! :)

    1. Drop by ako dyan sa braintrain? ;)

  4. that's definitely the best movie ever! i love jennifer lawrence..
    love your blog =)

    1. Hi macy! Thanks for being here & dropping a comment. :)


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