[the SKY EYE]

My eldest didn't go home for 2 weeks straight due to finals week & completion of other requirements. She  told us she was "stressed-out" so her dad & I decided to pick her up & let her join us for a day of bonding.

I suggested the SKY RANCH where the SKY EYE, a giant ferris wheel, is. It's the country's tallest - 63 meters (207 ft) with 32 gondolas - 8 meters higher than the MOA Eye.

I have blogged about the MOA EYE. We never rode it, went only as far as took a picture of it. So, when I heard about the Sky Eye from hubby, we took the chance to go there while we were in the area.

Arrived in Tagaytay a little past 10am after taking breakfast at Pancake House in Solenad 2 Nuvali. Part of the Sky Ranch complex was still under construction. Only the rides are operational & some food kiosks are open for quick bites.

The entrance fees were at half the price - Php 50 instead of Php 100. It's an ongoing promo. 

As soon as we got in, hubby bought 4 tickets for the giant ferris wheel at Php 150 each.

The ride took us 10 minutes to complete one turn. It took on a slow speed.

Each gondola was air-conditioned, & the compact space can only carry 4 persons max.

It was a safe, enjoyable ride. When you get higher, you take in such a fantastic view of the complex & the surrounding areas, especially the Taal Lake.

From the ferris wheel ride, the girls & I got in the Super Viking.

It is a giant ship that moves to & fro & speeds up gradually. We were the only ones who rode it that time & we sat together at the far end. After only 6 swings, I gestured to the operator to stop. Yes, you can do that. It's an option given to riders, for safety or health reasons. This ride is not really for the faint of heart. I think my bp shot up afterwards. I would go back for the ferris wheel anytime but not for this. :( But the girls did enjoy. They say they liked that shot of adrenalin rush.

We took a short rest before leaving. There were other rides but they were for kids.

By the way, this place charges exorbitant parking fees. We only stayed a little over an hour but it cost us 50 pesos! Hubby complained to the guard especially after finding out you get charged for such amount after only a grace period of 15 minutes. :( I think the management should do something about its parking policy. The Sky Ranch has so much potential as a tourist come-on. I think people will come in droves once the complex is complete & restaurants are put up.

Anyway, from there we had a late lunch at Zong after doing the rounds of the outlet stores in Sta. Rosa.

My eldest went back to her dorm to stay there till the end of her exams. Looking forward to seeing her again at home in time for Holy Week.


  1. Ha! We have another similarity Peachy! I can't ride the Viking either. I can ride a roller coaster, ferris wheel...not a problem. But the Viking? Never. That drop that keeps on repeating itself is a killer.

    1. Aimee, I would never ride it again. My eldest said, we should have sat in the middle, less ang effect. Nevertheless, ayoko pa rin. Sumakit ang batok ko after. Scared! :(

  2. I once tried a similar ride in EK, yung Anchor's Away. After the experience, HINDI NA AKO UULIT haha Pero sa ferris wheel, I can manage kahit siguro ilang beses pa.

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

    1. I guess alot of people feel the same way about this ride.


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