I don't hide my penchant for buying accent pillows with eye-catching graphics & prints. ;) I think I have blogged about it several times. Remember my feature on the Mandaue Foam home sale, the ikat  & the world cities pillows?

From these posts, you can say, pillow-stalking is an obvious pre-occupation for me. ;)

Two weeks ago, I spotted another store in M!2 that sells nice ones, like these on display :

Aside from geometric prints, they also have iconic architectural elements like the IONIC column, classic buildings, the KEEP CALM graphics & the bird cages. You can get it at 400 pesos a piece, minimum. Steep but good quality though.

Like what you see? Check out ARQ, the curtain specialty store located at the corner of the home market section beside the furniture store, Abubot & just a few steps away from Ideas for Living.

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