[a glimpse of SOLAIRE]

When we found out it had already opened a couple of weeks ago, hubby & I planned to go & have a look at SOLAIRE, the new kid on the hotel/casino block. Curiosity over the place heightened even more when we heard that the architectural finishing works were done exceptionally well. You see, being both technical people, we are very particular about these things. We believe that anything one does is worth doing well. No to second bests, even in construction.

See for yourself how world-class SOLAIRE is.

The building seen from afar, as we turned towards

the spacious parking area where we left our car.

Modern, simple lines defined the drop-off

from where a portion of the hotel's facade is seen.

One passes through these main entry doors

to go in & see jaw-dropping lighting fixtures,

& a water feature.

Their floral centerpieces

& potted orchids

are just as eye-catching.

I had chicken stew with pineapple juice while hubby had roasted chicken with mashed potatoes & a can of soda 

at the Food Court.

From there, we gave the rest of the place a once-over to see the other architectural details,

the floor patterns,

& the ceiling layouts,

before heading for home.

Worth that quick afternoon visit that hubby & I took. =)

***Not enough photos were taken inside, as picture-taking is not permitted, particularly inside the gaming space. Persons under the age of 21 are also not allowed to gamble in the casinos & loiter in the gaming areas. There are other restaurants & bars to try, aside from the food court. Check their website for more information.  

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