[my MAN-at-work]

I took this long-range shot of the hubby while he was doing his site inspection. This was yesterday, when we dropped by one of his projects after visiting my eldest in her dorm. He's the one in dark grey shirt, right side of the frame.

Working as an engineer has been his bread & butter for the last 25 years. Construction site operations is what he does best. For the last 9 years, he's been at the helm of numerous projects within the area he is assigned to.

Proud to say that he worked his way up to where he is now through sheer honest, hard work, despite some frustrations in between those struggling years. He is a stickler for quality work & dedication to tasks. He is strict but fair & has a soft spot for those who are in need. Most of all, despite his busy-ness in his work, he cannot be faulted for being negligent of his duties as a husband & father because he has always been there, whenever & wherever.

To my man-at-work, a huge THANK YOU! The girls & I love you to bits... :)


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    1. yes, cheers to our responsible, loving men who make life easy for us because they work hard while we take care of the children & the home. ;)

  2. Oooh, architect and engineer tandem pala kayo :) Same developer? :)

    1. Hi Dew! He's the only one employed, Im not. He's connected with a triple A construction firm.

  3. Oh my, Diane! I accidentally deleted your comment. :( Anyway, yes, ok tandem namin. Our house is our joint collab, labor of love. :)


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