[WORLDBEX 2013 & an SCG media tour]

I was at WorldBex last Wednesday.

A week before that, I received an invite from EON to be part of the media tour organized for Siam Cement Group's (SCG) Innovative Solutions LIVE! at the World Trade Center. I confirmed my attendance because I didn't want to pass up that chance to blog about this & at the same time get myself updated on the latest trends in architectural/building materials.

I arrived a little after 1 pm, too early for the 3-4 pm activity. While at the lobby waiting for Denise & Dani of EON, these caught my eye.

A "glass house",

& backlit multi-colored onyx walls.

Exhibit-goers then were already coming in streams.

There were registration nooks where one can fill out the forms.

The symposia schedule for the 3-day exhibit.

The girls from EON finally arrived past 2 pm & as soon as I got hold of my media pass, I went in.

In this exhibit, SCG teamed up with COTTO & MARIWASA in showcasing current innovative building materials to meet the needs of property owners in what is called today's "real estate wave".

The highlight of their exhibit was the LIVE! DEMO, a first ever live installation demonstration conceived by the group.

The live demo I was invited to see began promptly at 3 o'clock. Succeeding ones, as shown in the schedule, came 15 minutes apart.

Two mimes started off with a dance number.

From there, the hosts discussed SMARTBOARD's fiber cement board wall & ceiling systemCIPAC Monier's  concrete roof tile system, CENTURION series.

A worker showed how to install the roof components, from the purlins to the roof tiles.

COTTO's anti-slip floor tile, the LIBERTY series was presented next. It is called "grazed porcelain" which explains the rough texture.

A lady from the audience confirmed it was safe to walk on the inclined wet floor since it was not slippery at all.

Shown next was COTTO's 2-in-1 kitchen faucet, the AQUA TWINS faucet. This faucet features two water functions-tap water for washing & filtered water for drinking.

For purposes of explaining the system clearly, red-colored water was used. Ordinary water (red-colored) came out still red thru the tap water line (right handle), while it came out clear thru the filtered water line (left handle with the "drinking water" icon). A 3M water filter completes the system.

Another lady from the audience volunteered to drink the "filtered" water & confirmed it was potable.

The last item demonstrated was the MARIWASA tile.

To prove its anti-water mapping feature, 2 pieces of tile - one Mariwasa, the other X brand, were both immersed in water. After less than a minute, the tiles were lifted to show which tile had the least water-mapped surface. Mariwasa passed the test, as can be seen in the pictures below.

l-r: Mariwasa, X brand
After the live demos, someone from the SCG group led us to the materials they had on exhibit & took us on a quick tour.


concrete roof tiles

ceramic roof tiles

fiber cement roof tiles

wall & ceiling boards


thermal insulation


mosaic tiles 

wood-like tiles
ANNULAR series

CURVA series

FORESTO series

tile grout

GRAPHIC series

Made of tempered glass. Can be used as kitchen back splash or for artwork display.


LED faucet

sanitary wares
lavatory & water closet
GLACIER series



Slim tiles. Nearly half the thickness of a regular tile. They come in 60 cm x 60 cm (24" x 24").

I enjoyed exploring the MARIWASA booth because of their vignettes! ;)

The loft part of the booth with additional tile displays.

Visitors of the SCG booth also got to experience the "Share My Dream Home" corner, wherein the person can conjure images of their "dream home" (modern, contemporary, traditional, etc) with the Kinect Camera technology & show how the SCG products can help fulfill that.

I made my way through the other exhibitors' booths after checking out SCG's area & attending the live demo.

Past 4 pm, I went home with this stash:

technical brochures of other building materials on exhibit there,

& my media kit.

Thanks again to the EON & SCG groups for this opportunity to blog about their recent participation in WORLDBEX 2013.

*The Siam Cement Group or SCG is a leading business conglomerate in Thailand & the Asean region.

*Mariwasa Siam Ceramics, Inc. or Mariwasa is one of the  pioneers in the ceramic tile industry. 

*COTTO is a world class manufacturer of tiles & sanitary wares.

Both Mariwasa & COTTO are in joint venture with SCG.


No monetary compensation was given to this author for this post. Due to the nature of the products presented, this shall in no way, influence or be in conflict with her profession as an architect. 

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