[hk sojourn 2011: FLIGHT & AIRPORT SCENES]

This trip was taken by our family 2 years ago, our  graduation gift for the  girls.

After seeing so many bloggers' posts on their HK travels, I thought I might as well share our 4-day sojourn to that favorite shopping/leisure destination. 

This travelogue of sorts will be taken in a series. Starting off with our entry & exit points, the airports.

I booked our 4d/3n trip online thru Cebu Pacific. It was easy-breezy.

We had to be early that day.

While waiting for me to check us all in, hubby & the girls waited it out at the lobby. 

Our hand carried bags were left slumped on the floor 

while the girls & their daddy clowned around.

Since we left the house shortly before dawn, we decided to first grab some steaming cups of cappuccino & chocolate at Seattle's Best inside the airport.

After the last sip, off we went to the waiting lounge

where our plane has been waiting for its passengers to embark.

Inside the plane.

Playing it safe. 

Finally landed in HK!

At the Chek Lap Kok Airport.

Picking some brochures to make our way around HK easy.

We had our US dollars exchanged here

while this uniformed man stood guard outside.

Breakfast at Burger King.

After our hearty meal, we lounged around longer in the airport just because it was nice to be there. =)

On our flight back to Manila on the 4th day.

Checking out our schedule.

Throngs of people.

The happy one beside the "impatient" one. Waiting for hours is not his cup of tea.

The colorful ad kiosks.

Grabbed something to eat at the food court.

Bowls of ramen with iced teas, as usual.

Just off the duty-free stores. Had last-minute shopping for chocolates

Phone booth.

One of the perks in the area- getting online while waiting.

While on the walkalator. Really in awe of this airport! Wish I could say the same of our own.=(

The plane took a long while to come in.

Taking a KITKAT break during the lull.

Night has already set in when our plane took off.



  1. where are you peachy??? :) please add your photo. hehe

    1. Shy type? ;)

      Wait for the coming posts, Marsy! :)

  2. Looking forward to more HK posts. I love HK! Tama si Marsy, ipost na ang pictures hehe =)

  3. HK's airport is already a tourist attraction. Everything is clean, organized and very spacious. I don't want to say it but, I know our country can make one too... someday. Pero in fairness, I appreciate our own Terminal 3. Way better than Terminal 1 :)

    1. Yes, Diane, T3 is nice but sadly, infrastructures that are really world class are hard to come by here. Buti pa ang private sector, they put extra efforts sa mga ginagawa nilang buildings, lalo na ang malls. I feel the govt has misplaced priorities pagdating sa infrastructures.

      I hope too that day will come na we will have something like the HK airport. :)


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