[VIA CRUCIS at la salette]

For about 5-6 years now, we have been going to this shrine for our yearly Holy Week tradition, the Via Crucis.

LA SALETTE is in Silang, Cavite. We discovered this place when we had our ME seminar here back in 2000.

The compound, with its serene ambiance & well-kept gardens, is conducive to spiritual reflection. 

It is a one-stop Way-of-the-Cross venue where you meander your way from one station to another while reflecting on the readings. 

Each station is depicted in a tableau of concrete statues. 

After you're done with your Via Crucis, you can go to the chapel for your final prayers. 

Or, if you have some packed food to share, you can go picnic-style in a designated dining area near the souvenir shop. There are tables available there, free of charge.

For those who are from down south or anywhere farther (like us), this could be an alternative place to go to during Holy Week.

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  1. This is another perfect place to do the Station of the Cross. Unlike in Manila, the place looks quiet and less crowded. I also appreciate that the area is closer to nature.

    Have a blessed holy week Peachy.


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