[a hot cup of CHEKHUP while waiting]

When I am done with my errands & still have lots of time in the afternoon, I make sure I am in my daughter's school at least an hour earlier than dismissal. It gets me a choice parking slot that way. ;)  But waiting, at times, can be a tad boring.:( So to make it feel like not a chore, I either bring our mobile wifi with me for some net-surfing or buy something to sip & nibble on.

Like this hot cup of Chekhup Malaysian coffee, which I later discovered comes out not freshly-brewed but in a 3-in-1 coffee mix. :(  But never mind that. The yummy taste matters. :)

To go with my hot cup of creamy liquid, I also got myself a warm & crispy blueberry + cream cheese waffle sandwich. Perfect pair. Doubly delish! :)

I bought them from this pinewood-clad food kiosk inside SM.

If you still haven't tasted it, have your fill too by choosing from among their many flavor offerings. Bestsellers are the berry & cream cheese variants.

*Famous Belgian Waffles
G/F right across BDO
SM Taytay branch


  1. uy favorite mo na din si belgian waffles ;)

  2. current addiction ko din yan! I am a fan or cream cheese and cheddar cheese! :)


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